The image shows the Privy Seal of Owain Glyndwr, the acclaimed Prince of Wales who called its first Parliament. Owain Glyndwr had the benefit of advice from one of the great lawyers of Welsh legal history, Gruffudd Yonge.

A Canon Lawyer, Gruffudd Yonge’s contribution as an international and constitutional lawyer set the standard to which Cambria Chambers aspires. Gruffudd Yonge had custody of the Seal of Owain Glyndwr.

The original Seal is to be found in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. The image is of the Seal as it would have appeared before being worn and damaged by use. We are grateful to Henry Jones-Davies, founder and designer of Cambria” Magazine, for his skilful “restoration” and for his inspiration in the service of Wales.

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Often through no fault of your own, a dispute about property, or your civil rights can alter your life. Cambria Chambers can help you survive, and to win the justice which the Courts can give you.


Disputes may arise which will be referred to the Business and Property Courts of England and Wales. If your civil rights are infringed you may be able to seek Judicial Review of what the UK Government, Welsh Senedd, Local Government or other official body has done.

Cambria Counsel have wide experience of Business and Property Disputes and of Judicial Review.

If you may need the help of Cambria Counsel, please collect together all documents and other evidence concerning the case and send them to us. The documents and evidence will be placed before Counsel for an initial assessment which is free of charge.

Chambers will if appropriate supply you with a proposal in a draft Client Care Letter. This will spell out what Counsel proposes, and a Fee which will be fixed fee tailored to the case or, if this not possible, a proposal to charge an hourly rate.

Cambria Chambers Counsel are authorised and regulated by the Bar Standards Board as
individuals in private practice.

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